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08/04/2009 12:05:00
Re: Coming Late


I have one employee where he is asking for OT. We had check his attendance and we find that he almost coming late to work everyday. We are planning to issue him the warning letter. Can we hold his OT payment since he comes late to work and yet asking for OT? also can we issue the warning letter to him at the same time?

please advise.

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KL Siew
08/04/2009 13:01:02
You may issue warning letter and don't pay him for the time he came late. But you cannot deduct his overtime salary.
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08/04/2009 17:47:50

Do you have proof for his late attendance? If yes, then his OT hour should be start later. if he late for 1/2 hour in the morning, then the OT shall be start calculated in 1/2 hours later in the evening.
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KL Siew
08/04/2009 18:15:33
Once you allow one worker to do that, others may follow by coming late. I would prefer stricter discipline in this area.
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09/04/2009 16:45:24
Hi BD,

I think you may take this action, issue the employee a warning letter, pay him OT and direct deduct the lateness from his basic salary (if your company policy does state that lateness will be deduct according to the time they are late)

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15/04/2009 10:25:32
Hi Elain and Jellyfish,

Thanks for the reckon.
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15/04/2009 13:18:13
Is it lawful that we deduct the lateness in employees' salary?
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17/04/2009 11:20:11
it is absolutely YES!! but the company shall do it in a proper way, informing all staffs via memo abt the deduction on late coming to work.


late for the 1st 1/2 hour - deduct 1 hr salary
late for more than 1/2 hr - deduct 1/2 day salary...
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