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08/04/2009 10:16:10
Re: Employement details

Can i seek redress at industrial relations dept if my monthly salary is above 10K.

also how long does a company retains ex employee details.In my case my previous employment was in 1995 but i dont have details of exact date.
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KL Siew
08/04/2009 10:37:07
Yes, you can still seek redress there. I don't have an answer for your second question.
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08/04/2009 15:58:43
Normally companies keep their employees record / hr documents for a period of 6 years (empy act seksyen 61). Nowaday all hr details are registered in hr system as such you can call up your previous company and obtain the info from them unless they have totally deleted your employment info (which i doubt it )!
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