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13/01/2009 13:45:11
Re: Salary not paid in full every month

I have a friend who's working as a security guard at night with basic salary of RM770. The company gives advance salary of RM200 in the middle of the month and the balance will usually be paid late, after the 7th day of the next month. The problem with the company is that the salary is not always paid in full even when no leave is taken.

The company will always give all sorts of excuses, saying the deduction is for the leave taken the previous month when in fact it has already been deducted in the previous months' salary, and for attendance allowance deduction of RM120. The company also deducted EPF but was never credited to my friend's EPF account. Can my friend report this company? If so, where should he report to? Can action be taken against this company?
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KL Siew
13/01/2009 15:14:52
Yes, for short payment of salary, your friend may complain to the Labour Department. But he must have the details pertaining to what were the short payments and how much.

As for EPF, you friend should complain the EPF.
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