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07/04/2009 13:07:52
Re: Position Restructuring


i just wondering is the company have right to switch me to another position without my permission?
I am a Marketing Executive, who bring in sales & new account for the company . On the first day i came back from my maternity leave, i have been told that the company will transfer me to the new position known as "Marketing & Business Development Coordinator". which i need to do all the relevant reporting admins work for Marketing & Business Development deprt. and there is a new replacement for me under the title of Assistant MArketing Manager. She will report to work on May.

I just wondering do they have right to transfer my position without my consent, and my pay will be much more dfferent from what i get before.

Thank You for your promt reply.

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KL Siew
07/04/2009 14:00:40
Your salary will be much more or much less after the transfer to the new position? Inter-departmental transfer is OK but it is not OK if the salary is much less.
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08/04/2009 18:09:31

the company always reserves its right to transfer any of their staff inter-department. this is normal. no matter you like it or not!

I believe yr previous post's wages is more rely on comission basis and yr basic wages shouldn't be high. when they change your job to more on in house base, your basic salary shall maintained, but comission is not on compulsory as normally in house job dun hv comission.

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20/04/2009 14:14:34
How if the employer downgrades your position. E.g. from Exec to Non Exec after you have been holding the exec post for 3 years and there was staff reporting to you. Example - for new restructiring
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22/04/2009 17:53:44
Dear umaletchumy,

Downgrading position is not a correct practice since we work based on our offer letter as mutual aggrement between employee & employer. Any changes must be in written and acknowledged by employee. Position is employee right and job description is employer right to determine. Transfering employee to perform other task must not lower the position and salary, and other special benefit such company car as long as it stated in the offer letter, however company can ask for employee consent due to economic recessasion for instant. If it happend employee can leave the company without notice and claim for constructive dismissal. For the good purpose ask the company in the written why the situation occur.
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