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13/01/2009 11:45:17
Re: Using 7 month for Probation ?????

My previous work in Kajang, when i ask that factory, why they need to use 7month to confirm me! after that the factory tell me that ( now i only free to test for your performance ) ! before that time i already get factory suit for around 2month ago, then i ask your leaving on end of the month, that boss already agree to, after that i try to ask my boss is it i need to write a resignation letter? Boss say no need, because you havent comfirm yet ! then i cannot received my last obtain employment on that company !!!!!!!! What can i do? i already ask for my salary, the boss say ( My law is who leaving without any notice i will deduct for three day salary with a day absent................... then untill now i din get back my salary
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KL Siew
13/01/2009 12:17:47
So, you left without giving notice when your boss told you no need to give resignation letter. You can make a claim for your salary at the Labour Office. I am not sure whether you can win the case.
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