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07/04/2009 11:00:32
Re: new staff

Dear KL siew,

We had employed a waitress on 25th March, no employment letter issued yet but she was asked to come to HR office to register.
25th March - started work
26th March - Worked but forgot to punch card
27th March - Informed cannot came to work due to personal matter
28th March - Late to work
29th March - Work
30th March - Off day

Looking at her poor attendance, the HR suggested to the dept head that we will put her as part timer by paying her hourly in March and will put her as staff with effect from April. She was asked to come to register on 1st April.
1st April - Informed MC
2nd April - Prolonged MC
3rd April - Prolonged MC
4th April HR informed her that we want to have a meeting with her on 6th April and she must bring the MC if she still interested to work. BUt she send a sms saying she cannot come. Can we just consider she just not want to work anymore? Can she take legal action against us? We will pay her whatever she has worked.

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KL Siew
07/04/2009 13:36:57
Should she come for work, just tell her to go home as she is considered to have terminated her service. Let her complain if she wants to.
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09/04/2009 11:43:34
she is not keen for the job! No worry to terminate her with immediate effect as no employment letter is issued yet.
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