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chris Yau
07/04/2009 00:54:38
Re: notice of termination of service due to absentism for 3 weeks

One question to add.
My staff was absent from work for 3weeks without prior notification & informed the company. You have advised that she herself has terminated her service & she is liable to pay indemnity in lieu of notice
Just 2 days before she was absent from work (get herself disappeared) (was on the 9th), the company has notified her on confirmation of her employment as permanent staff with the company - which only takes effect 5 days later (effective 15th)
Hence is she liable for 7 days notice (as probation staff ) or one month notice as permanent staff to the company for her termination of service.
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KL Siew
07/04/2009 07:45:41
In my opinion she is liable for 7 days indemnity.
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