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06/04/2009 18:35:46
Re: Pay Cut Issue

My company decided to 10% pay cut due to Sales/Performance. In the letter they wrote,
Based on the overall group sales as at year end 2008, there was a drastic drop in our sales and as a whole did not meet nor achieve the sales target. In view of this and the current economy downturn, the Management has decided to conduct the pay cut of 10% to your basic salary.
They only chose certain departments to implement this like product support and marketing. In fact on my side, my company did earn profit and the turnover were more than previous year. If we do not sign the letter and they continue to cut our pay, what can we do about it?

we further discuss about that issue and no one sign. Today the company decided to reduce 2days of working days a month only on certain people. Can they implement something without our consent?

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KL Siew
06/04/2009 20:03:38
If as you said, there was profit and turnover was also good, then you may consult the Labour Department and obtain their views.
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want to know more
07/04/2009 17:10:35
Just want to understand that, if company going to execise the pay cut, Accordinng to the labour act, why no specify any % allow for pay cut by company to whom income below 5K.
And those company which perform for pay cut, they should be compensate or replace back for the leave or cut short the working hour ?
maybe this can let their labour to go out get others part time to recover their income.
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Fed up
12/08/2009 00:07:08
First short working month was introduced,then our anuall increment been taken away not pay cut till 10%.
is this legal,discusstion done thru out this proceedings without our union president being present,
can u plse help
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Fed up
12/08/2009 13:11:11
First short working month was introduced,every month we are forced to take 1 anuall leave.
then came anuall increment been taken away.
now pay cut till 10%.Is this legal,all this done without our Union President being present,done thru in house union.
where can i get help.
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