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Rachel Sim
06/04/2009 17:25:37
Re: Need clarification on compensation

Hi, I'm a fresh graduate working as a junior marketing executive and have worked for a company owning a media channel (advertisement on the LCD TVs in the clinics) for half a year.

Every month, company has to compile a media CD (which includes the advertising materials) with their system from our office and come out with the master copy CD of the media. Then, the master CD will be send for duplication then finally send to our clients by courier service. I'm the one who appointed to make the CD compilation. My senior have taught me the process verbally.

In order to avoid any mistakes during the CD compilation, company has come out with a "media update CD checkilist" where it includes the "testing instructions", testing checklist, tester's signature, and approval from the system manager.

Every CD during the compilation i have to change the expiry date. Last month, i've missed out this steps because i'm not experience in it (only have about 3 times experience). Thus CD sent out cannot be played in the LCD TV. My boss wants me be responsible for it and pay for all his losses.

I've voiced out to my boss that this responsibility shouldnt be blamed all on me as person came out with the checklist didnt include "to check the expiry date" in the instruction or the checklist, a staff from technical department has also checked on the media and signed on it. Besides, it is also approved and signed by the system manager. They are all more experienced than me and are already in senior level.

But, my boss refused to accept my statement and yelled at me " i don't care, i will straight deduct it from your salary. You can ask your lawyer to sue me" in front of all the staffs. During the meeting, he scolded very loud and said many things that i felt offended such as "what kind of fxxking attitude is this?", "you are the worse employee i ever had". Then, he asked me to leave the company as he don't want to see my face and talk to me anymore. I've request a release letter from my superior but she refused to give. She said "not today". So, i just left from my company because there are about 20 witnesses(the staff) heard what he said.

Should i have to bare with all the cost in this case? does my boss has the right to deduct it from my salary just like this?

Besides, he is still holding my March salary. Can i claim it back from him?

Lastly, is it legal if i just leave the company since he chased me off from the company??

Please let me know what is right and which is wrong as they are bully-ing me as a fresh graduate who doesn't know anything.

Thank you!
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KL Siew
06/04/2009 17:33:11
Yes, you should seek redress at the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department. Approach them for further advice.
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Rachel Sim
06/04/2009 17:39:36
Thanks for your advise. Am i wrong in this case and have to bare with all the losses by myself and he can straight away deduct it from my salary without my permission?
Does my boss has the right to hold my March payment?
Do i still have to go back to the office and finish up the outstanding tasks as my senior said my boss will hold my salary if i don't go back.
Please advise
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KL Siew
06/04/2009 17:51:49
You said there were 20 witnesses who heard your boss saying he did not to see your face anymore, do you think you should go back?

All the deduction of your salary or holding your salary will be the subjects of your complaint at the Labour Department or the IR Department.
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Rachel Sim
06/04/2009 18:14:36
Dear Siew,
Thanks for the advise. Will head to Labour Department to seek for help.
Thank you
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09/04/2009 12:13:25
Dear Rachel,

Is your case settled?

In my opinion, yr boss has no right to ask your bear the lossess. Because:-

1. They only taught you verbally on the way of doing the job.
2. Do they provide a job description for yr post in written? Even thought if they had, they still reserves no right to take any action in monetary wise to you. what they can do is only to issue you a warning letter. that is.

Your boss is too much!! I believe he is kind of non-educated and doesn't know on respecting people. Don't be sad/scare in this case, settle this case and look for a better job.
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