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06/04/2009 13:25:51
Re: Working Shift

I'm a contract worker with the contract stated working as Normal shift with 9.3 hours.
If my manager forcing us to come for evening shift from 2.40pm until 12am:
1) can we reject to come for evening shift?
2) Is there a must for us to get any allowance?
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KL Siew
06/04/2009 17:11:54
1. Normally you don't reject such work if there is something urgent to be done;

2. Surely you are expected to be paid overtime for that work.
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08/04/2009 15:32:55
Hi KL,
Thanks for your reply.
1) if my manager ask us to come for 4 days in a week for evening shift and we are 5 days work, can we reject?
2) Is it counted as overtime as our working hour is stil the same, only that we need to start working late and end late. the working hours is still the same as normal shift.
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KL Siew
08/04/2009 18:35:19
1. I won't say outright reject but certain factors have to be considered like safety or security especially when females are involved working late. You have to talk it over with management. If your place is a manufacturing concern like a factory, you may have apply to the Labour Department if females are required to work after 10pm.

2. You may try to negotiate for some extra allowance for working late shift.
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09/04/2009 13:45:21
Thanks KL for your advise.
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