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06/04/2009 13:08:26
Re: Overnight works

normal working hour from 9am to 6pm. (day one)
rest hour from 6pm to 10pm. (day one)
over time working from 10pm to 7am. (next day)
monthly salary RM2500

1) reasonable to request OT claim? Any EA to show that company MUST pay for the OT after normal working hour as my case?
2) for the next day is a particular Off day for those because of overnight worked or when is the proper starting working hour for the next day? Any EA to support this issue?

Thanks a lot
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KL Siew
06/04/2009 17:05:16
1. The problem now is that you are not covered by the EA (only covers non manual employees with salary not more than RM1500). If you were, you should be paid overtime wages from 10pm to 7am totaling 9 hours

Since the overtime work was an extension of your normal hours of work, work done after midnight to 7am should not be considered working on rest day (if it happened to be your rest day).

2. So, your normal hours of work will start again at 9am to 6pm. But you are surely unable to work such long hours and I think alternative arrangement has to be made to rearrange rest day for you. You may have to talk to your employer about working over midnight as to how you should be paid.
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