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06/04/2009 10:31:37
Re: Expatriate Contract of Employment

As for expatriate, what is proper procedure if we want to continue his employment? either renew his contract or extend his contract?which one is correct term? Should we have to prepare a new contract for him?

Where can i get a sample for expatriate contract of employment?
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06/04/2009 13:27:14
before you decide to renew his/her contract, please check if the work permit is still valid. Otherwise, you need to renew the work permit.

If you wish to extend the contract, just issue a letter stating his/her contract has been extended to another ____ years. Which means, you are not going revised his /her package.

But if you intend to give renew the contract, then, its going to be similiar to our Employment letter except for certain clause that might not applicable to expat.
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