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Gary C
04/04/2009 00:27:25
Re: When public holiday falls on my rest day (shift work)

Hi, would like seek help on this.
Im working on shift(12 hrs) . If the PH falls on my rest day(week day). Now my company only allow to claim 8 hrs x1.0 rate .& No replacement off day given.

But they used to paid 2.0 rate.They Just changed it lately and telling the crap reason - it was wrong calculate since day one.

May i know is that true that shift working are not entitle to claims 2.0 rate in when the PH falling on rest day? *** no replacement off allow***

Greatly appreciated if you could share on this...many thx !

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KL Siew
04/04/2009 13:19:03
Let me try to get a clearer picture from you.

If a certain date was your rest day and also happened to be a public holiday, by law you should be getting a replacement for that public holiday. Am I right to say that they did not give any replacement for it but paid 2 days salary as holiday pay to you in the past and now they only wanted to pay one day salary? If that is the case, I think your employer might have a case. Why should you be entitled to 2 holiday pay? To me, you should only get either a day's holiday pay or a day's replacement. Have I got it right?

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06/04/2009 13:41:54
I agree with Siew. You shall either entitled to Replacement Off Day or Replacement PH.

Not double pay.

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