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03/04/2009 15:49:36
Re: confirmation letter and leave


1) i would like to ask after 6mths i havent get the confimation letter. if i resign how many day i need to give notice? 2 weeks notice or 2 months notice?as once confirm need to give 2 months notice.

2) If company give the confirmation by no signature is just to infrom that they are confirm us and every benefit is just remain the same as appointment letter is it okey?

3) And also now company cut half day saturday working by deduct off our 1 day leave. if people that dont have leave is under unpaid leave. Is the company have the right to do so?

Thank you
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KL Siew
03/04/2009 16:27:12
1. If the notice is 2 weeks before confirmation then it is 2 week notice.

2. You should ask the person who gave you the unsigned letter why no signature.

3. That sure will make everybody unhappy. Make complaint and don't just keep quiet.
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07/04/2009 11:09:58
My company also deduct 1 day leave on Saturday and unpaid 1 day if no leave. I think this is fair coz if you work on Saturday, the company pay you 1 day salary and not half day although you work only half day.
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