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02/04/2009 15:25:37
Re: Contract workers

(1)I was a external contract worker when i first joined the company in 2007. After working for about 9mths plus, i became their internal contract worker. Employees are entitiled to a 2years maximum working as internal contract worker, but our contract is signed on a yearly basis. When i completed my 1 year internal contract, my company switched me back to an external worker due to economy downturn (their reason being internal contract workers is also part of company's headcount & external workers do not). I was frustrated as i am entitled for another year as an internal worker. Is this legal?
(2)I am now an external worker. i have signed the contract with my outsourcing company for 1 year in Dec'08. However, today, my boss has informed me that the contract with my company only indicates 6mths instead of 1 yr, and my boss told me that they will try to renew my contract monthly. As an employee, this is really frustrating and if renew every mth, the company can terminate at any time, since the economy is getting worse and my company is now planning on retrenchment. Why initailly my company said it's a 1yr contract (which i already signed with my outsource company) but they are giving us 6mths? Is this legal? Also, my company is always giving us last minute notice whether our contract can be renewed or not. BY saying last minute meaning about a week before our contract ends. Is this legal? How can the labour law help on this?
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KL Siew
02/04/2009 18:11:04
I think there is no point to ask whether it is legal or not legal, things are not looking good for sure. Be prepared to get out at the first opportunity. Help yourself. Since your service has not yet been terminated, I don't think the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department can be of much help. Consult them if you think you should.
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