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02/04/2009 11:58:31
Re: dismissed as CEO

Dear Sir, My husband was appointed as the CEO of his friends company since Y2006 without any formal appointment letter as he is the major shareholder of the company, and everyone of the organisation are aware and agreed to his position. However he received a termination letter on 1st March 2009 from 9 of the small shareholder committee, for his last day to be CEO will ended on 15th March 2009. The reason given was my husband should be the one to responsible for the losses for unable to get direct selling license. However, the license was finally granted during Dec 2008 after few interviews and appeals from my husband and the 3 more directors. He is yet to received all his business claims and salary till 15th March 2009. The Director also his friend wanted him to issue the company his resignation letter in exchange to his salary and claims in lieu. The fact is that the Director who made this request is the person together with the rest of 8 person, who had given him the termination letter at their own signatories. And for this termination, my husband did not offer for any amount of compensation. Please advice what should my husband do and is there anyway he could seek for any employment protection? Thanks & Regards,Kelly
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KL Siew
02/04/2009 13:20:10
Your husband should seek legal advice. Consult a lawyer as to the proper course of action to take.
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08/04/2009 15:35:10
Dear Sir, I got one staff who would not follow advise. He is still under probationary period for 3 month. And he also coming to work late. Can I serve him the 14 day notice of terminations or a warning letter 1st.
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