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01/04/2009 21:05:04
Re: Allowance

Hi. I really need some advice on this matter. I was offered the post as a coordinator for a department since November 2008 because nobody else wanted the position. I was told that i would not receive any allowances as the coordinator but people in other departments are getting it. Finally after a board meeting last month they have decided to start giving me allowance which will start in April. As an employee i feel frustrated and demotivated. The question now is, could i request for a back pay for the allowances which should actually start from November 2008? Do i have the right to do so? Any labor law to back me up should i request to do so? Thank you!!
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KL Siew
01/04/2009 22:29:40
Since the payment of the allowance will come into effect from April, I don't you will get any backdated payment.
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02/04/2009 00:01:14
I think you can't get back the previous month allowance already. My friend also faced that before, when interview time, the boss say will pay petrol allowance, but for the 3 months probation, the boss did not give him at all. On the 4th month, my friend already confirmed as staff, so I ask my friend go "remind" his boss, then only his boss say will give the allowance, but still his boss only start give allowance on the 5th month end. Nowadays boss likes to act forgetful haiz
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02/04/2009 19:08:41
OMG. I'm regretting every bit of my previous decision...thanks anyways
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