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31/03/2009 16:40:03
Re: 13th Month Salary

1. Is it a must that the company pay 13th Month Salary?

2. Can the signed appointment letter be amend?
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KL Siew
31/03/2009 16:59:08
1. No, it is not a must;

2. Yes but with mutual agreement if the amendments are significant.
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06/04/2009 16:27:41
I want to clarify what are the rights of contract staff, for example if the contract staff is working for more than 10 years upon his contract is being renewed on every expiry for the same designation, is there a clause making them automatically a permanent staff.

Now the company after ten years decides to transfer them to an agency and therefore deprive them with the benifits they have been given for the past ten years and so forth.

What are the rights of these staff?

Thank You
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