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31/03/2009 15:45:36
Re: Rest Day

As according to Section 59 (1) Employment Act 1955, 'if an employeeis allowed more than one rest day in a week the last of such rest days shall be the rest day for the purpose of this Part:"
If a company work 5 day-week where Saturday and Sunday is rest day, is it mean that:
1) Any public holiday falls on Saturday will not get replacement?
2) If the company require an employee to work on Saturday, does he entitle for the overtime pay? How to calculate the pay?
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KL Siew
31/03/2009 16:55:03
1. Correct, there will be no replacement.

2. If you are required to work on Saturday, you should be paid for it. Although there is no formula for working on the first rest day (Saturday), I am of the opinion that the formula for working on rest day (Sunday) can be used as a guide or other method of calculation may also be used. You don't work "buta", that's all. You may seek the views of the Labour Department if necessary.
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