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31/03/2009 15:09:47

We are about to introduce a policy that say all unpaid leave (whether applied or not applied) shall be deemed as absent from work? Does this mean sense that I will be charged 'absent from work' even though my application for unpaid leave has been approved?
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KL Siew
31/03/2009 16:41:14
You need to seek clarification from your employer.
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01/04/2009 09:56:04
we did had a smilar case like this before. The advise given by IR office, Labor office and MEF was same. You cannot take an action on employees who unpaid leave application has been approved. To be deemed as absent from work , the UPL must not be approved.
It not fair to treat all unpaid leave as absent a sometimes staff have no choice but to take upl [in cases where they r still in 6 months probation (not entitled for any leave) n need 2 take leave due to childrens hospitalised, death etc] . However if you notice a trend that the staff at least takes 1 day of UPL in a month, then you need to do a counselling and inform him that any UPL taken after this will not be approved and will be treated as absence. HOD, HR discreation applies for case to case. Better seek advise from Labor officer first.
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07/04/2009 11:33:24
My company sometimes encourage staff to take unpaid leaves during low period just to cut cost. So it's really depends on the nature of business.
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