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31/03/2009 14:18:00
Re: Does employment act apply to health personel and medical profesionals?

I m a medical doctor who works for a medical practice based on hourly wage RM40 per hour and daily transport allowance of RM20.

(1). Is it ok for the employer who allows me only hald an hour meal break after each 4 hours of work or one hour break in a 8 hour shift?

(2). If I work as a part timer at an average 24 hours-36hours per week with the same hourly wage as above, am I entiled to any paid gazetted public holidays and annual leave? BTW my boss has allowed me to any reasonable number of non-paid leave.

(3). Should i hask for dbouble wages for working on gazatteed public holidays?

(4). If I work at an average 48 hours per week based on hourly wage as above,

(a). am I entitled to any paid annual leave?

(b).Am I entltled to any paid gazetted public holidays? If yes, how are the wages calculated?

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31/03/2009 14:23:40
BTW my boss still pays hourly wage for the breaks.
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