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31/03/2009 14:05:02
Re: resign employee's annual leave

hi, want to ask is my employee giv company a resign letter n she work until this 20 april09, the question is:
1)she start working from 21/7/08~20/4/09, only 9 mth, she ask me to paid her the annual leace, in our company letter, is said that the annual leave no bring forward to next yrs.Did i have to paid her the annual leave? how to count nhow many annual leave i have to paid her?
2)for the question 1, i have go to labour office BP to ask, they told me is if company terminated her,just have to paid the annual leave , if is resign herself n not enough 1 year, no need to paid the annual leave.but i saw yr answer for others people is if the employee reign also want to paid back the annual leave.
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31/03/2009 14:44:24
hi there,

for my company, we will count the balance of annual leave to those leaving employee. for eg if an employee is entitle for 12 days annual leave per year and was leaving on 27 mar 2009, then we will prorate his/her leave
[(27/31)+2]=2.8 days
means h/she entitle for 3 days annual leave..
if he/she has taken 2 days, then his/her balance annual leave is 1 day which means she will leave at 26 mar 2009.

if she/he has taken 4 days, then we will minus off through unpaid leave..
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06/04/2009 14:16:02
Hi there,

I am a confirm staff. Let say i tender my resignation letter on 6th of April 09 and my last day of work would be 5th of May 09 ( 1 month notice) is that right?

Once i tender my letter... is it possible for me to ask for 5 days unpaid leave from the company? Is it wrong for them to disapprove my request in this situation?
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