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Veronica Liew
12/01/2009 09:44:43
Re: Resign Issue for Pregnant Woman

I have worked with my current employment for 3 years. I am 8 months pregnant now and wish to resign by end of January. I am required to give three months notice period for resignation thus I my last day should be till end of April. However, my maternity leave starts from early March to May. Does that mean that I still have to serve the company after my maternity leave till June? Is it compulsory for me to pay back the two months maternity leave to the company? My monthly salary is more than RM1500, does the company have rights to terminate my service immediately after my resignation by not compensating my maternity leave?
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KL Siew
12/01/2009 11:06:03
I think the best way is to discuss the matter with your company. Try to reach an agreement that the ending of your notice will coincide with the end of your maternity leave, which means you will not return to work after your maternity leave some time in May, more or less.
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