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31/03/2009 03:25:49
Re: Deduction of Comisyen


im just resign from my previous company. in my contract, the employer gave me 2% comisyen from my sales order. the question is..

im working more than 3 years with this company, during the period, i bring a lots of profit to them. i manage to get a lots of sales order. i handle sales, admin and find a project to them. during that time, my bos buy me a car because i've done one job successfully and gave them 800K profit. they buy the car from that profit and asked me to use. suddently, i cannot stand the pressure of work in the company anymore. i've done all the job from post manager, engineer, qc, safety because my company didnt have person for that position and leave everything to me. As a result, i plan to open my own company and be a sub-contractor if i got project. its like project team for the company. But my bos didn't agreed and terminate my contract.
after that, they hold my salary on previous month. i send my comisyen claim and asked them to paid. but the company refuse and asked me to send back everything they gave. Then i send everything they asked except the car because i need my comisyen to buy a new car. After 3 weeks time, seem that nothing change and i went to see my bos. he told me he want me to send the car first and paid my comisyen. afterward i send the car but they still not paid my comisyen. after 2 weeks time, they call me and asked me to take my comisyen. i'm shock because they deducted my comisyen during 3 weeks time im holding the car. they charge i'm renting the car rate rm350 per day, total 26 days. amounted rm 9100.00. They also deducted Rm2500.00 for laptop (charge for broken lcd monitor which happended 2 years ago) that i already gave back to them. did what they do is legal and accepted by law. they didn't notice me before do the deduction. What action can i take to sue them. thank you
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KL Siew
31/03/2009 09:37:22
What you need now is legal advice. Consult a lawyer.
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