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30/03/2009 17:14:08
Re: bonus

hello. please clarify the following ;
my firm announced a half-month bonus to all staff who joined us prior to January 1st 2009 (pro-rate if less than 1 year service) to be payable in end March 2009's as a performance bonus.

so if an unconfirmed staff who joined in 1st november 2008, what is the formula for this unconfirmed staff? is it no of months served divide by 12 x basic salary, or is it no of months served divide by 12 x half of basic salary?? would appreciate your clarification. thank you.
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KL Siew
30/03/2009 17:28:07
Yes, it can be or (Half month bonus/12) x months of service, which comes to the same.
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01/04/2009 17:25:41
thanks for your reply. I thought that i would get no of months served divide by 12 months x basic salary to calculate my bonus, as i have less than one year service, and not entitled to half month bonus.

if they x by (half bonus/12), then its like the management announced a quarter month bonus for people like us who joined few months only.

please clarify if i am right??
thank you.
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