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29/03/2009 11:23:21

for example, March 9, Prophet Muhammad's Birthday is under my company's PH, so i have to work, by right do i get paid or replacement off?
due to our company dun want to pay for the public holiday.

our contract as per below:-
For employees working under shift, if the PH falls on their first rest day for
the week, no PH in lieu will be granted. PH in lieu will be given only if it
falls on the second rest day of the week....
its that true (labour law)? this is unfair for us because their not going to pay us for that Public Holiday...Kindly please assist
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KL Siew
29/03/2009 15:27:41
It is true that there will not be replacement if the public holidays falls on the first rest day. But since you were required to work on that public holiday, the company should pay you. Consult the Labour Department.
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