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10/01/2009 13:17:04
Re: Paid leave granted in lieu of overtime

Can an employer enforces "paid leave" or "time off" in lieu of overtime done ? If so, is there an offcial guidline on how to equate overtime hours to such leave granted? (on normal overtime, rest day and public holiday?)

TQ for your guidance
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KL Siew
10/01/2009 14:19:30
There is no such provision in the Employment Act for overtime to be "paid" with leave or time-off. But there are employees who are agreeable with such arrangement. Strictly speaking, overtime work should be paid according to the appropriate overtime rates.
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13/01/2009 16:58:29
If you are cove under the Employment Act, yes, you should paid appropriate overtime.

However, some company may compensate paid leave with overtime for staff who are not eligible to claim overtime. This consider, part of benefit offered by the company
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