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Foo Jian Meng
28/03/2009 13:02:32
Re: Letter from Company Legal Department

In February i accepted a position at a company and signed their offer letter on 02/02/09 that month and said my report date will be 16/03/09 but during that time my boss counter offer me and i decided to stay on with my current employer. I call them in beginning of march to let them know i will not be joining and they were not happy with it as expected but i thought the matter was settled.

But yesterday i received a letter from them demanding that i pay them indemnity since i did not show up. They if i do not settle them they will proceed take me to court ? Can they really do this or is it a empty threat ?

Pls help coz 1 month salary i need to pay is quite high for me and i really cannot afford to pay..
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KL Siew
28/03/2009 14:52:01
You cannot stop them from doing that. Just let them do whatever they want. Just wait and see.
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31/03/2009 14:54:38
i thought that without turning up to the work, u dont bear any liability right? as there are also those worker who work for 2 days then gone missing.. this is more terrible isnt it. even sometimes especially on a crucial time like this, a company has more choices rather than wasting time going for u..hahaha
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