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27/03/2009 18:38:18
Re: Additional work but same title

i've been working for my employer for 3 years in a non-sales related position. 3 months ago, I was asked to start/take care of another dept(sales) on top of my current work. It's not because the mgt team thinks I am underworked as I had to work late every nite until 11pm in my non-sales related work. Due to the economic crisis and headcount freeze, I was told that I am the best person to take care of this new telesales dept. I was also asked to sign on a letter stating I will commit to sales targets, on top of my current dept KPIs.

The employer did not give me any official letter on my new assignments/responsibilities. Meanwhile all else remain the same - title and package. Just added responsibilities of another dept and I have to now commit to sales targets!

Can the employer do this?
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KL Siew
27/03/2009 20:26:57
Quite often, when you are hard working, cooperative, good-natured, you are liable to be exploited. Don't be shy to demand for better terms, fight for your own interest. No one can really help you.
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