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25/03/2009 18:25:52
Re: Employer Reject Resignation Letter

I have given my resignation letter to my employer but he has rejected it , and said i must still report to work otherwise if i don't show up he will consider me to breach the contract and sue me for salary indemnity . I am still on probation and my notice is 1 months. How to force him to accept my letter ?
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KL Siew
25/03/2009 19:58:59
Did you give one month notice for your resignation? If you had, you just leave after working out the notice period. You must report for work as usual during the one month.
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25/03/2009 20:51:13
yes.. i already give on 16 Mac and i calculate that i should work the 15 April right ?
I'll do that ..TQ
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