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25/03/2009 17:10:12
Re: termination

I have an employee who has been working for two years, but lately we found out that she have deliberatly lost income generating documents which as a result cost us almost 300k in loss. secondly, and recent her performance is persistently poor. We gave her warning letter to improve and 2 days later a show cause letter reprimanding her her attitude toweards work. then next day she was absent two days in a row without notice and then we gave her another letter asking her to give reasons for her absence but she failed and also failed to acknowledge her warning letters.

Then we had a meeting with her and told her the blunder she did and gave her anotther warning letter but she refuse to acknowledge it. But we have another employee who delivered these letters by hand who also acts as a witness when the earlier employee refused to sign.

now we thinking to set up at panel for doemstci inquiry and if she fails again, can we terminate her? are we on the right tracck to terminate her?
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KL Siew
25/03/2009 17:45:29
If you think she has committed misconduct, you can hold an domestic inquiry and mete out the appropriate punishment.
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