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24/03/2009 13:59:16
Re: Withhold the claim

I work as a Sales Executive in my company and need to travel frequently. Everytime I have to pay for the accomodation, toll and other expenses first and then claim back from the company. Recently, my boss always withhold my claim and didn't reimburse to me since December last year. It is difficult to me since I don't have lot of cash in hand. I tried to talk to my boss and he told me that my sales quota didn't meet his expectation. I feel that It is 2 different things since if my sales is not good, he can deduct my commission and not withhold my claim.
I have intention to resign and if my boss still don't want to pay me back the claim, what should I do? Can I complaint to Labour Department?
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KL Siew
24/03/2009 14:32:51
That is a bad situation. You may try to complain to the Labour Department but if your salary is over RM1500 they may not entertain your claim especially when it does not involve salary payment. Try to cut down those expenses especially hotel accommodation.
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