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24/03/2009 12:25:53
Re: reduction of leave entitlement

Recently my Company have reviewed our leave entitlement and reduced it as follows:-
(i) 2 days for service less than 5 yrs
(ii) 3 days for service more than 6 yrs

I would like to know if this is allowed by Labour Law?
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KL Siew
24/03/2009 13:31:56
The company cannot do that. Refer the matter to the Labour Department.
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chris yau
07/04/2009 17:37:55
Does that means that is better/safer for a company to offer less number of days of annual leave ( but yet compliant to the basic number of days of annual leave for employee as required /according to the employment act).
Then, the company can offer extra days of annual as and when the company like to do so?
e.g offer 8 days of annual leave for service less than 2 years, but if the staff performance is satisfactory, the company may consider give extra 1-2 days as "bonus" annual leave as incentive for the staff?
Is the above ok?
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