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22/03/2009 22:00:16
Re: maternity leave & 5 days week salary

Dear Mr Siew,

I have 2 question.
1) I started my maternity leave on 10.02.2009 and the 60th day falls on
10.04.2009 which is a Friday. According to our HR I have to report to
work on Saturday 11.04.2009
(Our company operates alternate Saturdays whereby 50% workforce
in each Saturday).
HR said I must report to work on Saturday cos Saturday is my off day
not a rest day.
Should I come back on my off day ?

2) My friend office engage an in-house development programmer
who works 5 days week for 3 months.
(Her office operates 5 1/2 days)

The programmer was away for 2 days (personal matters)
Her Payroll Executive deducted the 2 days fee by using this method
"fee divided by 26days multiply by 2 days
= 2 days fee (deductable from the actual fee)

Is this the correct way to calcuate the 2 days of non attendance ?

Appreciate very much your assistance. Thank you

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KL Siew
22/03/2009 22:25:34
1. To me, that shouldn't be a problem. You just come back to work on 11/4 and the next Saturday(which is your working day) will be your off day. It is just a switch of off days and the new cycle will start from there. Am I right or not?

2. Should use the number of days of the month instead of 26. 26 is used for ORP (ordinary rate of pay) only for the purposes of Part 12 of the EA.

Remember, I think you people are not covered by the Employment Act (which covers employees with salary not more than RM1500 only). So, I mentioned it as a guide only.
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