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abu sayyaf
22/03/2009 12:28:18
Re: not paid while working on offday

i'am working on 4 days on and 4 days off shift,and my basic pay is rm1503.00.base on my company discretion,my job in under executive level so i cannot claim overtime if i work on off day.can they do that and can u tell me is there any law to prove that i cannot claim overtime when working on off day?
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KL Siew
22/03/2009 12:38:47
You may not be covered by the Employment Act, but there is no law to say you are not entitled payments for working overtime or working on rest days. Negotiate with your employer.
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abu sayyaf
22/03/2009 12:41:34
how to negotiate if the employer is such a stupid and very not understanding?for your information,my employer is one of most active airline company in malaysia and already got so many complaint from the employee,and at last what we get.....we get NOTHING......
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