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08/01/2009 17:46:55
Re: Not eligible for OT?

I have a staff whose salary is below RM1,000. He had OT on one of the Saturday but HR refuse to pay him the OT. Reason is that OT used to attend training and meeting are not eligible to claim.

Is that true according to Labour Law? Or it is just our company policy? Ain't employees whose salary below RM1,500 their benefits are protected by Labour Department?

Please advice. Thank you.
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KL Siew
08/01/2009 17:57:06
If the staff concerned wants to, he or she can refer the matter to the Labour Department see they have to say about that.
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13/01/2009 17:05:34
My ex-company dont pay OT for staff who attend training (Regardless off day or rest day). Training is part of staff benefits.

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