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18/03/2009 18:07:48
Re: salary calculation for the first month

I need your advice on which of the calculations below is correct:

My commencement date: 3 February 2009
Montly salary: RM 2000.00

The salary I received for February is RM 1769.23 (2000/26) x 23

or is it my salary shall be calculated this way as: (2000/28) x 26 = RM 1857.14

or is it (2000/28) x 27, because 1/2/09 is Sunday (off day), I only did not work one day for the month of February, which is on the 2/2/09.

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18/03/2009 18:27:47
for your information, this is a part-time job
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KL Siew
18/03/2009 18:50:47
(2000/28) x 26 = RM 1857.14 is correct
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20/03/2009 17:38:00
Dear KL Siew:

How about the calculation of the above sample,if my company fix the standard day for every month is 26 working days .

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