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18/03/2009 09:39:09
Re: salary in lieu

I have a case whereby staff give short notice. Let assume she tender notice on 1/3/09 with 2 months notice. Her last day should be 30/4/09. However, she request for early release by 15/4/09. So do i have to assume that her last working day on 15/4/09 OR do i have to minus 2 weeks notice from 15/4/09? Which means i only pay her salary from 1/3/09 to 31/03/09.

When i calculate salary in lieu, do i divide by number of days in calendar month or divide by 26 days?

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18/03/2009 12:33:28
She has to pay 15days of short notice (calculate by number of days in month).You still need to process her April salary for the first 15days and make necesary statutory payment. She can choose to off set her notice period payment with the april salary but i doubt it will be enough. You can deduct this amount from her march salary . Refer seksyen 13(1) and 24(2b). Communicate this to the staff so that she is aware of the deductions or maybe she can afford to pay without the automatic deduction from salary. She can also offset the 15days payments with her earned annual leave (annual leave payment need to calculate by dividing with 26days).
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19/03/2009 10:25:51
Thank you.

How about calculation for short pay. If she short pay of 15 days. Shall i calculate based on 26 days or no of days in calendar.

Am aware annual leave will calculate based on 26 days.
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20/03/2009 09:37:12
i believe it is no of days in calendar.
Mr. Siew, pls correct us if wrong.
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