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18/03/2009 08:00:05
Re: Reject the Offer after signing the appointment letter

Hi Mr Siew, If we have pre-signed the appointment letter and letter we refuse to join the company, do we need to pay the termination notice to the employer. Eg.

- Date Joined is on 1st April 2009
- accepted the offer by signing the appointment letter of 16th March 2009.
- Termination notice is one month

Your advise please! Thanks
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KL Siew
18/03/2009 08:11:28
Just inform the them that you are unable to take up the appointment and that you will not be joining the company on the appointed date. No need to pay for indemnity in lieu of notice.
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18/03/2009 12:15:33
Even though you have already signed the offer letter, the appointment starts only on 01.04.09; as such you are not their employee yet [it called the cooling period; employer also can retract the offer letter during this period]. You r not bound by termination notice. However since you have signed the offer letter, you have to inform the company in writing (obtain their acknowlegement as well) so that the company don't turn around and blame you for not showing up for first day of employment.
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08/05/2015 15:52:43
Dear Siew,

would like to check with you that if the appointment letter has a T&C: "should you decide not to join us after your acceptance of our offer, you are liable to pay us one month of the basic salary offered to you."

that do need to pay for this indemity?
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