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17/03/2009 08:43:11
Re: Rest Day

Hi. Mr Siew,

Could you please give some examples on the following:
1) explain more on "a rest day allowed for employees engaged in shift work will only be after a continuous period of 30 hours";

2) I am not really understand the clause of " the last of such rest days shall be the rest day for the purpose of the Employment Act".

Many Thanks!
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KL Siew
17/03/2009 09:39:47
1. When workers work on shifts especially those on three shifts, they will have a rest day after working for 6 days. So from the time they start they rest days, the length of time should be at least 30 hours before they go back to work again for next shift cycle. So, one have to be careful when fixing the shift roster.

2. Nowadays, lots of places of employment are working on 5-day week and Saturday and Sundays are usually the rest days. So, for these two rest days, only Sunday is recognized as rest days for the purpose of Act. Saturday is not a rest day and you don't have to pay overtime rates, to replace public holiday that falls on it and so on like on Sunday
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