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16/03/2009 22:55:51
Re: Absentism

Dear Mr Siew

We have already issued Show Cause letter and 3 warning Letters to a employee for being absent from work without any reasonable excuse on many occassions.

Then on 5 March 2009, we issued him with a Show Cause and Suspension and we gave him 7 days to reply. Subsequently, he got one of his friend to sent the letter to the office without signing and the reply letter was rejected by his dept head and the letter was asked to return back to the employee concerned. His suspension ends on 11 March 2009. On 12 March, 2009, he is supposed to report back to work but he did not do so. The company wanted to issued an extension of suspension on 11 March, 2009 when he return with his reply to the show cause (of which he did not do so).

This morning we have prepared a Notice of Termination under Sec 15(2), EA 1955 for being absent for more than 2 consecutive days ie. from 12 March, 13 Marc, 14 March and 16 March 2009. He also did not inform his superior. Later part of day, he called up and asked what happened to his case!

Q: Can we now issue him with a Termination letter under 15(2) or should we proceed to hold the DI .(this employee is under the Union)

Please advise.

Thank you

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KL Siew
17/03/2009 09:11:01
Hold a DI and make a firm decision, not good to be hesitant.
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