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16/03/2009 18:42:18

I am posting on behalf of my husband. He is working in sales. Since last year, his employer refused to pay out his commision and keep on delaying the payout with the reason that the company are not doing well and his employer kept giving excuses like my husband need to generate more sales in order for him to get his already invoiced sales for the company. And this has been going on for almost a year already. Is there any act that we could actually proceed to take action on his employer. My husband was entitled for the sales that he had brought in for the company but his boss kept asking him to bring in even more sales which i find it ridiculous. Any help plz?
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KL Siew
16/03/2009 20:01:57
Yes, it is ridiculous and can be problematic also. If your husband has kept proper records of the commission due, if may consult the Labour Department see whether he can lodge a claim for it there. If the Labour Department can't entertain his claim, you nusband may have to claim it in a civil court.
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