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16/03/2009 18:37:06
Re: Deduction Lawful

Law says: "No deductions shall be made by an employer from the wages of an employee, otherwise than in accordance with this act"

My question is "what are the proper ways to indicate in payslip when an employee took unpaid leave, or over utilised the annual leave entitlement due to resignation? Thanks!

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KL Siew
16/03/2009 19:55:22
Unpaid leave is not a problem, just state as "Unpaid leave". I am not so sure about excess leave taken. Why should he be allowed to take excessive leave in the first place? Was he paid his salary for the days of excessive leave? If the excessive leave taken was in the current month, there may not be a problem as you may just treat it as unpaid leave. I am not so sure if those leave were taken in the previous month or months where salary had already been paid.
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17/03/2009 09:51:46
In our company practice, the confirmed employees are allow to utilise their annual leave earned. We also allow employees to take advance annual leave to those employees with good attendance (no lateness, no unpaid leave). Thanks!

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