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16/03/2009 13:03:27
Re: absent without notification

!- What should i do if the staff was absent for 2 days consecutively and did not inform anything her supervisor? should we as HR issue a show cause letter to her?

2- If HR got a complaint from one supervisor said that his subordinate has uttered abusive words to him or dis not show any respect to him, what do we have to do? FYI, we have meet this employee and get his statement on this issue of what actually happen. what do we need to do next? do we have to meet his superior and record his statement?Actually, this employee is under observation period for 3 months.

thank you
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KL Siew
16/03/2009 14:40:48
1. Yes, you should do that.

2. For investigation purposes, you may take a statement from the supervisor as to how it happened, when it happened and where it happened and was there anyone who saw and heard the workers uttering such abusive words. After that you may take a statement from the workers or give him a show-cause letter. Take follow up action after the investigation such giving warning letter, holding domestic inquiry and so on.
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