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13/03/2009 13:21:42
Re: Minimum wages, EPF and SOCSO


Just want to know

1. What is the minimum wages (Coffee shop workers) under malaysian labour act ?

2. Does the staff with profit sharing (without basic salary) or sub-contract workers (sub-contract the management) compulsary to register as the member of EPF or SOCSO by the employment?

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KL Siew
13/03/2009 14:11:22
1. Under the Wages Council Act, there are Wages Regulation Orders providing minimum wages for certain category of workers like shop assistants, hotel and catering, cinema and so on. I don't know what is the latest Wages Regulation Order now. You may have to ask the Labour Department about it.

2. Whether it is profit sharing, sub-contracting, you will have to draw up proper agreement between the parties. Then, you can show the agreement to the Labour Department, EPF and SOCSO whether they are liable under the Employment Act, EPF and SOCSO. They authorities will then be able to study the agreement and make rulings on it.
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