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12/03/2009 15:25:49
Re: OT - work overnight

Dear sir,

A few staff worked from 8.30am till next day 6am on normaly day. May I know any special rate for OT since long working hr?

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KL Siew
12/03/2009 16:34:14
There is no specially rate under the Employment Act but bear in mind Section 60A(7):

"(7) Except in the circumstances described in subsection (2)(a), (b), (c), (d) and (e), no employer shall require any employee under any circumstances to work for more than twelve hours in any one day."
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13/03/2009 13:35:07
yr company is not really care abt the staff's welfare. How could they asking staff to work for such long hour??!
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13/03/2009 14:02:26

They tried to finished a project. The company didn't force them, they stay because they are responsible person. We ask them go home the next day and that is the reason we try to check the OT rate. We want to pay them well. It is only happen once in blue moon.

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KL Siew
13/03/2009 15:45:31
The OT rate under the EA is 1.5 times, you may pay more than that if you so wish.
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23/03/2009 14:04:40
What about in the case where the day they start work is Saturday (half day), and the following is Sunday (off day). How would the OT be calculated?
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04/04/2009 15:46:15
Will the next day be pay?
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28/04/2009 14:08:27
currently i get paid RM3500 as basic salary, beside that i'm entitled for overtime claim due to nature of work in construction industry. However on my rest day (Sunday), i get paid hourly for the first 8 hours and 2 X hourly paid after 8 hours of working. On public holidays i get paid 2 X hourly pay for the first 8 hours and 3 X hourly pay after 8 hours of working. To my question is this the way i should get paid? Thanks.
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