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11/03/2009 16:05:05
Re: working hour

if my company working hours like this ok or not??
mon - fri 0830-0530 sat 0830-0100 (alternate)
if no working at working saturday is
mon - fri 0830-0630
how about working like that??

actually my offer letter is 0830-0630,just now boss want our working saturday (alternate)
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KL Siew
11/03/2009 16:50:27
It is OK.
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11/03/2009 22:44:01
thank a lot !! so that mean i can argu with boss right??
i just want follow this working hours??not anything law about working hour??
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KL Siew
12/03/2009 08:30:13
What is there to argue, the boss has to run his business. You just follow his instructions. The following is the law about working hours:

60A. Hours of work.

(1) Except as hereinafter provided, an employee shall not be required under his contract of service to work:

(a) more than five consecutive hours without a period of leisure of not less than thirty minutes duration;

(b) more than eight hours in one day;

(c ) in excess of a spread over period of ten hours in one day;

(d) more than forty-eight hours in one week:

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12/03/2009 16:32:53
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12/03/2009 17:41:18
Hi, We plan to hire a part-time temp worker but his working hours is depend on his studies. If he is require to work on Sat , do we need to pay rest day OT ?
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KL Siew
12/03/2009 22:01:58
No OT if the work does not exceed 8 hours.
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