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10/03/2009 13:40:54
Re: Marriage certificate

Im getting married in Apr 09. My HR dept asked for my marriage certificate.

Im not comfortable passing this cert to them. Is this compulsory HR act?
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KL Siew
10/03/2009 14:14:16
I am not sure for what purpose. What about other married colleagues/employees? Were they required to do the same?
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10/03/2009 15:39:22
Nope it is not. It is more towards company's policies. Normally HR requires marriage cert as supporting for the marriage leave (since some company recognizes only the first legal marriage) or if the company has a practice of giving gift for newly wed (under staff welfare) and to update your personnel particular in company hr database ( some medical benefits cover employee and spouse and childrens). You should ask your HR why they need the cert if the requirement has not been set in handbook.
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10/03/2009 17:30:12
You just have to give a copy, not original. Most of the company practise this.
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