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07/03/2009 13:06:05
Re: Employment Act?

If we not received company giving us a confirmation letter, is that i can resign without 1 month notice ( work less than 2 years)? is company have a right request me to paying in lieu?

staff with salary above RM2000 are not covered by the Employment Act. is that means company have a right to not OT claim for them? or other?

In the employment act 1955, mention "CONTRACTS" is this same as our COMFIRMATION LETTER? if not what is the difference?
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KL Siew
07/03/2009 14:50:37
1. If the notice period is stated in the contract of service, you have to give 1 month notice irrespective whether you are confirmed or not.

2. If they don't pay overtime then you can refuse to work overtime for them.

3. They are not the same thing. Read the Employment Act more often and you will have better understanding after some time.
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