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jack Lim
06/03/2009 16:51:13
Re: Lay Off by employer

I was layoff by employer during this economic downturn. I was ask to go off within 24 Hrs and with a compensation of two month salary as stated i my appointment letter. May I know is this the right action that my employer taken and what shall
be my compensation ? The employer says that they will issue a cheque to
but untill now I have not receiving it. Need to know is there a grace period for the payment ? Please Advise.

Jobless Employee.
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KL Siew
06/03/2009 17:49:27
If you think the termination of your service was not fair, you may lodge a claim for reinstatement (to get back your job) at the Industrial Relations Department.

By the way:

1. When did you join the company?
2. What is your salary?
3. When did they tell you to leave within 24 hours?
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